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TVM is a team that is sponsored by TVM insurance. TVM-team has an A-status. General the director of TVM is Arjan bunch. The head coach of the plough is Gerard Kemkers.

TVM-team is many years one of the most progressive and professional team of the Netherlands. The member of TVM are:

Sven Kramer

Paulien van Deutekom

Renate Groenewold

Ireen Wüst

Carl Verheijen

Björn Nijenhuis

Wouter olde Heuvel

Marit Leenstra

Koen Verweij. 

TVM is a very professional team and Gerard Kemkers is the man who lead the skaters to success.


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1500m Woman25/3/2010

The 1500M for women took place on the 21th of February 2010. Ireen Wust was the fastest woman with a time of 1.56,89. The second place was for Kristina Groves with a time of 1.57,14 and the third place was for Martina Sablikova with a time of 1.57,97.


I going to tell you now some personal staff about Ireen Wust.

Date of birth: 1 april 1986

Place of Birth: Goirle

Country of origin: Holland

Coach: Gerard Kemkers


Ireen Wust is the youngest Dutch player on the Olympics. She skate for the TVM team. I tell more about TVM in my next blog.    



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Gold medal Markt Tuitert 1500m24/3/2010

With a time of 1:45.57 Mark Tuitert skate a new record in Vancouver. Before the game begon all eyes had been aimed at Shani Davis, he was the favourite. For several years the American dominates the distance.


Tuitert reacted surprised that he won the race. Incredibly, I cannot believe it. Everything was perfect. Mark Tuitert is 27 years old


He is after Ard Schenk in 1972, the first Dutchman who wins gold on the Olympic 1500 meters. The other Dutch skaters were very happy for Mark Tuitert.



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Skate suit24/3/2010

At skate suits it is the intention, that everything is very tight. Then you have no charge of the wind and you go faster. The skate suits are tested in a wind tunnel, so they know that the suits are good.

The first skate suit is introduced in 1974 through Franz krienbuhl

The complete package has been built from all several substances and that makes the suits very fast and comfortable. Every substance is different. There are several brands:

- Asics

- Craft

- Descente

- Lorini

- Mizuno

- Nike

The price for a skate suit is €500/€600.



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Holland Heineken House24/3/2010

Holland Heineken House is a temporarily meeting place at the Olympic games for the Olympic sportsmen and supporters from the Netherlands.

Holland Heineken House exist since 1992, the head sponsor is Heineken and NOC & NSF. The name Holland Heineken House has been chosen because it is something typical Dutch and there is a lot of dance music.


I’ve you come to the Holland Heineken House it is always a big party, there come very popular Dutch people like: guus meeuwise, Gerald joling, roel van velzen enz.


In short there is every evening something to do, it is just great to be there.



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Sven Kramer disqualified on the 10.000 m23/3/2010

On the 10,000 meters drove Kramer the favourite for that distance the fastest time, but Kramer was disqualified because he changed wrong this happened through a mistake of his coach Gerard kemkers


Gerard kemkers called to sven Kramer to change of track, After Kramer had succeeded these indications blindly and change to the other track, Kemkers became directly clear that he was wrong and that Kramer be disqualified.


But we had still one skater on the stage, that was Bob de Jong with the 3rd place. Bob de Jong is in the VPZ team, that is a small team with fast skaters .


With his 3rd place at the Olympic games Bob de Jong was happy but surprised.


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Sven Kramer23/3/2010

Sven Kramer is one of the best speed skaters of Holland and I think also of the world.


He won a lot of Wk’s and EK’s. In the diagram below I show you the personal records of Sven Kramer. At the Olympic games Sven Kramer won one gold medially on the 5000 m, he skate the 5000m in a time of 6.14,60 this is also a world record.


In my next bog I going to tell what went wrong on the 10.000m


500 m = 36,17

1.000 m = 1.10,60

1.500 m = 1.43,54

3.000 m = 3.37,15

5.000 m = 6.03,32

10.000 m = 12.41,69


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What is a credit crunch exactly ?22/3/2010

A credit crunch  is a reduction in the general availability of loans or a sudden tightening of the conditions required to obtain a loan from the banks. 


chararterize of the credit crunch

  • Stockmarkets going down
  • it's a very bad period
  • Banks they need money from the goverment
  • Companys they cant pay their bills
  • customers have no trust
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Credit crunch22/3/2010

All the banks are helped by the government. The government bought a lot of shares so the banks are saved. Slowly the banks are going better. The Dutch banks were in trouble as well: De postbank, Fortis &  ABN Bank need help from the government.


Now is the economy growing in Holland and the banks changed there position on the market.


The only bank who is broke in Holland that is de DSB bank. The DSB bank was a big sponsor of the ice skating, So there was a problem with the ice- skaters because they had no money to pay there materials and trainings so they have to find a new sponsor, eventual the knsb want to pay the materials an trainings temporary.

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Sponsor Essent21/3/2010

Skating is typical something for Holland. If the Dutch- supporters watch a game then you can feel the present energy in the stadion.

That's exactly why Essent sponsoring  the skating. Essent sponsor also Sven Kramer. But why Sven Kramer?


Essent sponsors sven Kramer because he is world champion of speed skating, essent thinks he have a lot of energy and that’s the reason why essent have make a special campaign “Svenergy-campagne”.



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Sponsor Aegon21/3/2010

Aegon have been more than 30 years  sponser of the Dutch skating.

Aegon want help Young skaters to make them dreams come true. That’s one of the reasons that Aegon sponsors the skaters. Aegon sponsors :shorttrack,  figure-skate. Aegon is the’’ father of the ice speedskating’’.


In the summer of 2010 Aegon transfer  the sponsor to kpn.

Kpn go together with the knsb further to develop. Kpn wants be clearly present in the skate world, so that everybody knows kpn.


Aegon stops with sponsoring because they have lost a lot of money in the credit crunch.


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Deadly accident Georgian lude at the olympics20/3/2010

Before the official opening The georgian lude Nodar Koemaritasjvili had a deadly accident the Georgiër flew with more than 140 kilometers a hour from the turning and bluntest against a pile. Reanimation did not help anymore so he died.


Everybody was really upset through the accident.   


Koemaritasjvili were the fourth sportsman who came during the history of the Olympic games for living.


In spite of the accident, the Georgian team decided walk during the opening ceramics.. They were publicly supported.


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Vancouver ( place of the olympics)20/3/2010

The Olympic Games are in Vancouver (Canada), from 12 to 28 February 2010. Vancouver is chosen above the other candidates:

Andorra la Vella in Andorra

Bern in Switzerland

Harbin in China

Jaca in Spain

Pyeongchang in South -Korea

Salzburg in Austria

Sarajevo in Bosnia Herzegovina.


Canada has got the Olympic game for the third time. The Other two are the Olympic Summergames in 1976 in Montreal and the Olympic Wintergames in 1988 in Calgary.


The torch excursion of the Olympic Games starts on 30 October 2009, in the Greek city Olympia and was lighted by the Greek actress Maria Nafpliotou. The torch excursion is with 106 days, 1036 participating cities and 12,000 cursors the longest internal torch excursion in the Olympic history.


The BC Place stage, where the opening and the end ceremony  take place, were renovated for more than 150 millions dollar


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I must make voor school a bog. You can choose self for your subject, I have chosen for speed skating at the winter Olympics in Vancouver, because it is a very interesting subject and I like speedskating. I going to tell you something about myself. My name is Bart, I am 20 years old. I study commercial economics and I live in The Hague.


In the following blogs I will tell you more about the Olympic games, I hope you like it.


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